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A+ Math
This site has plenty of activities and games to help beginning to intermediate math students improve their skills. Flash cards, concentration games, more.

AAA Math
Designed for grades K-8, this comprehensive math resource contains hundreds of pages of basic math skills and randomly-created interactive practice activities.

Ask Dr. Math
This is a huge resource of answers to math questions for elementary to college students. If you have a question not covered, you can ask Dr. Math!

Brain Bashers
Includes an interesting collection of math, logic, and language puzzles, games, and illusions, seperated into easy, medium and hard categories.

Escape from Knab
You've won a one-way ticket to the Planet Knab, but once you're there, you find that it isn't what you thought it would be. Get a good job, make wise financial decisions, and save enough to pay for the next rocket ship to Earth, or you might just be stuck on Knab forever!

Figure This!
Which shape holds the most popcorn? Can you combine the stamps to make $1.77? These are just a couple of the problems you can ponder in this attractively designed collection of real-world math challenges. Updated regularly; includes resources for parents.

Flash Cards for Kids
Lets kids practice their math at various levels of difficulty by choosing from the many options available before getting started.

The Fruit Game
Can you be the one who takes the last pieces of fruit from the table? Play this tricky game and find out if you have what it takes to beat the computer! Be sure to read the instructions, and good luck! (You'll need it!)

Math games for all ages. Games include Math Baseball, Power Football, Change Maker, Fresh Baked Fractions, Line Jumper, and Shape Surveyor.

Math games, 35 different activities standard-based.

Math Advantage
Math activities and games for grades K-8. Some of the games require that you have the Shockwave plug-in.

Math in Daily Life
Shows how math is used everyday through examples dealing with savings and credit, population growth, cooking, and other common situations.

Maths is Fun: This website has been developed by a maths teacher from the South West of England to encourage an interest in Mathematics. The idea behind the site is to offer mathematics pages as well as some fun bits. The main content of the site is aimed at Key Stage 3 and 4 (11-16 years old). The material is organized under the following headings: Maths Menus (Number & Algebra, Shape, Space & Measures, Handling Data), Maths Help (Discussion Forum and Online Form), Puzzles & Quizzes, Calculators and Computer Programs.
Includes over 1,000 math word problems for grades 1 through 6, plus instructions on how you can use numbers to do magic.

Practice your multiplication tables using interactive games, hints, and tips in a fun castle setting. Based on the BBC Schools television series Megamaths.

PlaneMath Activities
Airplanes and flight are the subjects of this high-flying math site. Solve word problems, learn how kites stay up in the air, watch Shockwave animations to learn about people like Amelia Earhart, and even design your own airplane.

Rick's Math Web
Pre-kindergarden to high school students looking for a better understanding of math will find over 4,750 problems to help them improve their skills. Problems can be printed in worksheet form and tips and tricks are included for each area of study.

Teach R Kids Math
Learn number basics, addition, subtraction, fractions, and much more with these interactive online math worksheets. Exercises are designed for preschool through 3rd grade students





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