Chromebooks Due this Week

Chromebook and Classroom Materials Check-In

In an effort to maximize our resources for check-in of all devices and other classroom materials, we have formed a schedule based on alphabet by last name to avoid families having to make multiple trips to the schools for return. We will utilize the same schedule each day for check-in, Tuesday-Friday at each site, so please choose a day that works best for you. Chromebooks must be returned fully charged with their charger and cord, as there will be a thorough 5-point check on all devices upon return. Please also note that devices and materials will need to be returned to the site where the student(s) attend:


Last names and times, Tuesday-Friday:

A-C 8:00-9:00

D-F 9:00-10:00

G-J 10:00-11:00

K-N 11:00-12:00

O-R 12:00-1:00

S-Z 1:00-2:00


*If you need to make a special appointment due to work schedule or other needs that limit your availability to return items, please reach out:

Prairie School - Theresa Rubin

Pacheco School - Katy Pearce