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Parent Technical Help

How to add a student account to your Computer/Apple.
Please add this step missing from the video:
When you pick out your icon be sure and select the little checkbox at the bottom of the to create a desktop shortcut for your student. 
Be sure to sync and linkdata
What does a student username and password look like? 
A student's username is typically their student ID number 
Example: 31234
A student's password is typically 8 characters contains a word and numbers.
Example: 11glue23
What is a student's email:
A student's email is their student ID followed by
Where do I get this information: hopefully your child has it memorized, if not please contact the homeroom teacher: Staff Directory
star   Lexia sign in  - Please use the student ID for both username and password. 
How to write on a PDF (Annotate and Mark-Up)
With Kami it's installed on all student Chromebooks it's a free extension.
Reporting damage or a problem with a Chromebook, please contact Misha Evans
Misha Evans
IT Department
(530) 224-4585 ext. 145
Internet Connectivity:
Charter/Spectrum is offering special access to families
Free Spectrum Wifi Hotspots for Redding
Check with your current phone/internet provider
* Free Wifi Pacheco/Prairie in the parent parking lot during school hours.