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Performers of Pacheco/Prairie School:
Production Manager/Artistic Director: Karen Twight
Music Director: Becky Carr


This Year Play is "Rock Bottom"

Friday March 13th at 7:00pm and Saturday, March 14th at 2:00pm
Tickets $12 Adults Child $10 Under 5"s free of charge.


Rock Bottom RockBottomMusical

Journey back to the dawn of time in Rock Bottom, Craig Hawes' prehistorical hysterical Stone Age rock musical! With mysterious monsters on the loose and a volatile volcano ready to blow its top, can Bobby Cobblestone (aka "BC") become a little boulder and hatch a plan to save the town? Find out in this fabulous musical.


Meet The Cobblestones, just an ordinary Stone Age family of cave folk living on Stoney Street, Rock Bottom! But when cave boy inventor Bobby Cobblestone hatches his very first good idea, he's whisked off to work for none other than the beautiful celebrity Lady Lava. Unfortunately, BC is soon up to his Neanderthal neck in trouble when he discovers his new boss hides a dark secret that will rock Rock Bottom to its foundations.


With mysterious monsters terrorizing the town and a volatile volcano ready to blow its top, can BC hatch a plan to save his family, his friends and his very own precious Rock Bottom? Only time will tell ...


A cast of crazy cave folk join in the Neolithic naughtiness, not to mention a flock of prehistoric birds, two dippy dinosaurs, a vacuum-cleaning mammoth and a sabre-tooth tiger called Tiddles! With eight toe-tapping songs to get you rocking like a rolling stone and a puntastic script as sharp as a flint, one thing's for sure - the Stone Age rocks!

Rock Bottom
March 13 & 14th
Adult $12
Children $10
Children under 5 - Free