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Class WishList

We appreciate you spending so much time and effort at the beginning of the school year purchasing all of the supplies for your child in first grade. Sometimes the supplies don’t quite last all year (especially pencils and erasers), but we also use some unique supplies in my classroom alone. If you would like to know what you can do to help us out with our classroom supplies, then you have come to the right place!

Please do not feel obligated to purchase anything for the class, this is only an option if you have extras at home or see a great deal at the store and want to donate supplies to our class!                    

Thanks in advance for all of your help and support!


These are things that we could always use or that run out quickly...

Pencils - Pencils are always needed! We go through these like crazy! Our favorite brand is Ticonderoga because they don't seem to get eaten by the pencil sharpeners or break as easily.
Erasers - Erasers are another thing we go through quickly. The pink rectangular erasers would be perfect!

Dry Erase Markers - We use dry erase markers all of the time. In fact during some of our math topics we use dry erase markers every day to practice the skills. If you happen to see a small package go on sale, we could always use extras.

Post-It Notes - We use Post-It Notes throughout each week to do everything from Exit Slips, positive notes to a friend, and just jotting down notes here and there for different projcets. We go through a lot of Post-It Notes each year. 

White Card Stock- We love doing art projects and card stock is the best paper to work with for most of our projects. 

Ziplock Baggies - Ziplock baggies -- gallon, snack, quart, anything will do!

Markers- the kids love to use these and they don't last through the entire year!

Amazon or Walmart Gift Cards - will be a great help! Mrs. Haines will only use them to buy supplies for special STEM activities, art projects, and class party supplies, as needed throughout the year.

Candy - bags of chocolates,skittles, m&ms, lolly pops, or anything else, the sky is the limit! Will be used for our group rewards!
Crayons - Small boxes of crayons would be amazing! We can put them in our share bin for everybody to use when kids can't find the color they need.